Velveeta Break Out of Your Shell Campaign
Velveeta knows there is no shame in loving things that bring you pleasure. Aimed at those who may not be on the same page, we designed posters, print ads, and commercials reminding everyone that great things really do come in shells so you should break out of yours! What better way to get out of your shell than a Velveeta BLOCK party? Take a cue from Velveeta and break out of your shell!
Date #1
Shannon is on a questionable date she coordinated on a dating app, it is not going well. Thankfully Velveeta saves her date.

Date #2
Shannon is on another date she coordinated on a dating app, this time she and her date have a disagreement over her love for Velveeta.
Date #3
Shannon is on yet another date. This time there seems to be some chemistry between them as they bond over Velveeta.
enjoy your stay!